In today's age, it's very easy to feign success. We live in an self-branded world that pretends Instagram followers are a form of currency. Instead of working hard to make our own way, we fall into line, all while patting ourselves on the back for booking a wedding in Iceland.

But none of that is meaningful. Trends come-and-go. New 'hot spots' are discovered. When all of this happens, it begs the question: "Did we really create anything meaningful?"

The Wilderness is a business intensive for wedding photographers intended to pull you away from the distractions. We're not going to talk about gaining instagram followers or how to edit without the color green. Instead, we're going to talk about how to build a successful business, how to make money, achieve practical goals, shoot like an artist, create meaningful content, take care of your family. We're going to talk about how to be successful and enjoy the life you lead.

No bullshit. No shortcuts.

The Wilderness is a brutal place. It's a place of savage beauty that can be unrelenting. But in that harsh climate, the silence can provide solace. New life can flourish in the emptiness. No matter our path, there are always moments of finding ourselves lost in the Wilderness, regardless of where we have been. The struggles we all face can look different depending on where we are in our journey: Beginning -- the fight to get into the industry, the fear, uncertainty, a disparity in taste. Middle -- good days & bad days, always looking ahead, entitlement, lack of recognition. End -- scaling fear, knowing when to let go, delegation of work, exit strategy



The Beginning of your journey can sometimes feel the easiest—you have the energy and joy to create amazing work. You have intention, desire, and vision. But how do you get found? What do you do when your vision doesn't align with reality? (Whether that is in the clients you hope to attract or in the images you hope to take). The Valleys of your first Wilderness can be deep, wide, and vast, but they often require you to look outside of yourself.


For many of us, we find ourselves in the middle of the pack. We are creating fine images and our bank accounts aren't hurting. But why are we doing this? Has anything changed in our vision or our life other than that we've made more money and checked off our bucket list? Is this all there is to success? This Second Valley can be clouded over by our entitlement and inability to admit that perhaps we don't have all the answers we thought we did.


You Finish how you Start. But how do you know when that time has come? The difficulty about this Wilderness is that there isn't always a clear exit. How do you scale a business to maximize potential? Once you walk away from your it just dead? It's important to know when to let go, but also how to plan for a clean break—an exit from your work that capitalizes on the success you've made. It's important to know when it's time to step out of the Wilderness and into a new Journey.