$$$ IN THE GREEN $$$

This is how Tony (my husband) and I describe when money is good. Over the years we have shifted in and out of “war time”, always experiencing such relief when we get back “in the green”.

Let’s backtrack a bit. In November of 2011, Tony and I were struggling to make a measly $350 rent. I had just returned home from a year abroad and Tony had just graduated from college. We had a zero balance in our savings account. To jump start my photographic journey, a great friend lended us $500 so that we could by our first Apple computer. I bartended and saved like a crazy person to purchase a Canon 5D Mark III and 50mm lens (gahhh, I remember this moment). I spent my off-days learning photography, flipping through countless books and religiously watching Creative Live. I didn’t expect anyone to help me freely. I did the work.

Slowly, I got better. Three high school friends booked me shoot their weddings summer of 2013 for $2400, $2200 and $2500. My FIRST three weddings.

Photographer friends: I see these same numbers rolling around on my ATL Wedding Photographers Facebook page in 2018. The difference, some of these folks have documented over 50 weddings.

WHAT IS THE WORLD IS HAPPENING WITH PRICING. Thinking that you need to get into the game by charging nothing is a literal JOKE. Low market rates, no travel fees, portfolios compiled of only styled shoots is not going to allow you the financial freedom to do what you love long term. It’s time to WAKE UP.

The hard truth: money dictates your business decisions. Where you are financially deeply affects your ability (or inability) to take risks. Since 2013, we have paid off over 100k in college debt. Purchased a home in our favorite neighborhood. Built photo/video kits worth 50k. Opened new businesses. Travelled the world. We have been able to say YES to exciting opportunities because we have done the work of taking care of ourselves financially.

What will you choose? To continue just making it and striving for the perfect couple/location for your next wedding? Or will you flip the script and invest in LONGEVITY. Link in profile for more info.

Christina DeVictor