Topic 1: COMPEL OR REPEL; a risk takers guide to curation.

Repeating these two little antonyms has taught me how to curate for my ideal clients. The idea is rooted in specialization, and held accountable by “killing my [your] darlings” (a concept used by William Faulker to survive the process of writing).

Darlings, in photography, are those images we are most proud of. We love them, to the point that we almost don’t care if they aline with our brand/vision. They’re the ones that we post and go back to over and over to see if the likes meet our hopeful expectations. Unfortunately though, our love for our own work can be one of our brand strategy’s greatest setbacks.

Every time I consider adding a new image to my website, it has to successfully pass the C or R test. And here’s the fun part, I want it to be an either/or reaction. No middle ground. It should EITHER compel OR repel. I want it to be that clear.

During the “Practicum” portion of the intensive, we will be individually discussing this process for each attendee. We will ask hard questions and help you sift through the nonsense of your own work and get to the jewels. What we can guarantee is that we will not tell you what the world wants. We will focus on what YOU want. 

Christina DeVictor