Over the years, I’ve noticed a lot of wedding photographers describing their work as “moody and dark”, whether it’s on their website copy or instagram. Interestingly though, when you see the work, it’s the opposite of that. Let’s clear something up:

You don’t need to describe how your work looks on your site or social media. People have eyes and can see that.

Light and mood go hand in hand. Place subjects in fitting light, connect with them to encourage an emotional response and then expose the image to best convey that mood. Be honest.

Presets, which have become THE topic of conversation, are best used like color grades in the film industry. They give you your special color/curve profiles but should not change the core image components. Get it right in camera.

It’s ok to like both light and dark imagery. It’s ok to be varied on how you see the world. Sometimes life is light and good and other times it’s dark and hard. Be free and true to your art. Forget about the trends. After all, there is ONLY ONE YOU. Honor that.

Christina DeVictor