The more I ask questions and dig into the pain people have experienced at other industry workshops, the more I want to LEAN IN come March 19 and 20. The sheer oversimplification of how to have a strong photography business and survive this insane wilderness of an industry has driven me to madness. The good kind.

As we firm up content for The Wilderness, Levi and I are committed to addressing the things no one talks about (ie: money, worst case scenarios, popularity contests, facades and the growing disillusionment for our exploding industry). We aren’t just going to bitch about it, we are going to pull out the swords to fight it. We are going to remind you over and over again how to lead in a world of followers. We are going to challenge you to cut the crap and face your fears.

This weekend I am going to prepare five posts; one for each day of next week. I am going to describe five ways that we are going to stand for change. For those of you who never plan on attending, it will still be informative. It will hopefully challenge you to dig deep and ask yourself some killer “Why’s?” We aren’t just starting a workshop series, we are starting a movement. For more info, head to:

Christina DeVictor