The first year I set out to be a photographer, it seemed like everything other photographers did was under wraps. There seemed to be an endless gap between me and those who had "made it". After many failed attempts at connecting, I gave up. I felt so alone in the journey.|

I decided to put my head down and get lost in becoming the best photographer I could be. I wanted to be so good that "they" couldn't ignore me.

As you can imagine, this mindset was great for my work.. but devastating to my mindset. It gave me an aggressive competitiveness and even worse sense of isolation.

Then l attended Nirav Patel and Ed Peers' workshop in early 2014. Everyone was so open, humble and eager to connect. A true embodiment of community. This experience was paramount for my growth; to see other creatives as kindred spirits and not competition. I realized that the only way to fight that weirdness I had encountered early on was to be celebratory and encouraging of others. To let the darkness out and the light in.

We are going to open up. To honor those that opened up to us. We are going to share personal experiences that have shaped who we are. I am certain of one thing, you can’t get these stories anywhere else. Won’t you join us? Link in profile.

Christina DeVictor