Topic 3: TRENDS

When did #authenticlove become a couple running around piggy back in Joshua Tree? Or better yet, two people straddling each other at home in their skivvies?

Regardless of whether you’re guilty of directing these exact scenarios, YOU FEEL ME. We have all been there. Trading our personal tastes for those of industry standards.

Love can be quiet and restrained but still deep as a river. It can exist in stillness. It can tell you like it is without you getting all fussy. It can be an occasional forehead smooch or a thoughtful act of kindness. It can be in the smallest of moments or the most grandiose of gestures.

While scrolling through my explore feed I can’t help but ask myself: Have we become a culture of copy cats? Of followers? Have we become so consumed in what others’ are doing that we don’t even know HOW to forge our own path?

Wedding photographers: Are you creating work with meaning and purpose? Do you how to craft honest conversations with your clients so that their uniqueness is uncovered? Do you let a couple’s love just BE without trying to manipulate it?

Friends, The Wilderness is a business intensive for leaders. We're not going to talk about gaining instagram followers or how to edit without the color green. Instead, we're going to talk about how to build a successful business, how to make money, achieve practical goals, shoot like an artist, create meaningful content, take care of your family. We're going to talk about how to be successful and enjoy the life you lead. Link in profile.

Christina DeVictor