About a year ago I started contemplating "Will I still be a wedding photographer in 10 years? Or 5 even?" Feeling uncertain about this really bothered me because I am such a vision-oriented person. After about four months of asking hard questions, I realized the deep-seated issue I have with this industry. I mulled over it, sought wisdom and thankfully came out on the other side. Instead of becoming a total cynic, I decided to turn that frustration into fuel.

You see, I have this terrible problem with the homogeneity of modern day creative entrepreneurship. The lostness. The all-consuming list of supposed-tos. The never ending bombardment of trends. The outward perfection and inward insecurity. The sacrifice of all financial responsibility for travel/fame/portfolio and then quick-exits or panics once that mistake is realized.

I invite you to join me in creating work that has meaning and purpose. To find comfort in charging what you need to support yourself and your family. To fight for relationship, service and purpose over soul-crushing smugness and apathy.

The moment I let go of being seen or heard by my fellow peers was the moment I realized I was literally MADE for this. Burn out is for amateurs, not pros. So I guess, yeah, I’ll probably be doing this for a while.

I’ve decided it’s time to share my processes and strategies on how I survived the sword. I’m grateful I get to do it alongside my talented friend Levi Tijerina. We’re excited to introduce The Wilderness, a wedding photography intensive. Join us March 19-20 in Atlanta.

Christina DeVictor